10k Road Races

NCCWMA Non-Stadia Road Championships 

10K Road Race


10K Racewalk


Thursday, July 18

Tommy Thompson Park

(separate races)

No change rooms – come dressed to compete
No personal drinks on course
For safety reasons, the NCCWMA Championship does not allow ear phones or any other devise that prevents competitors from hearing instructions from course marshals, safety officers or medical staff

Tommy Thompson Park

The course had to be changed from the Toronto Islands due to record water levels in Lake Ontario

Tommy Thompson Park Map - lrg

The Park is also known as the Leslie Street Spit

Tommy Thompson Par Map - TTC

The start (B) is a short bus ride (#83 bus) from the Donlands Subway Station

Tommy Thompson Par Map - TTC walk

The start area (B) is a short walk from the bus stop on Commissioners St

Tommy Thompson Course Map 2.png

10k Racewalk map – a 2k loop done 5 times

Tommy Thompson Course Map Road Race

10K Road Race map
The start and the finish are just slightly south (farther away from Unwin) of the Staff Booth.
The 10k road race would proceed south (again, away from Unwin) to the turnaround just before the floating bridge. There, it loops slightly (so, it’s not too sharp of a turn) and returns north past the finish line toward the mouth of TT Park. It turns then and heads south again – past the finish line, then proceeds to the turnaround again out at the floating bridge.
Finally, it returns north and finishes at the finish line (again, just slightly south of the Staff Booth).

Tommy Thompson photo

Great view of the Toronto skyline

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