6. The half-circular garden, shown below, is 12 ft from A to B. You decide to walk from point A to point Baround the circular part of the garden.c. What would be the distance if you walked around the entire garden?Answer:

Accepted Solution

Answer:30.857 feetStep-by-step explanation:It is given that the diameter of the half-circular garden is 12 feet. Therefore, the perimeter of the garden will be = length of the half-circular arc + diameter of the garden. Now, length of the half-circular arc = Ο€r Given Diameter = 12 ft. So, radius = 6 ft. So, length of the half-circular arc = Ο€r = [tex]\frac{22 \times 6}{7} =18.857[/tex] feet. Hence, perimeter of the garden = 18.857 + 12 = 30.857 feet. Therefore, 30.857 feet distance will be covered if I walk around the entire garden. (Answer)