Registration is Closed

You must be a member of your national Affiliate*

All entries must include full payment to be considered valid. No entries will be accepted after the entry deadline. All entries will be validated by each athlete’s respective affiliate. Affiliates will confirm the athlete’s date of birth and citizenship. If you have not previously competed in a WMA championship, you must send a copy of your birth certificate to your national Affiliate. Your Member will then validate your registration. After an athlete’s registration has been validated, its status will display as “accepted” on the list of entries. Validation is a manual process that each Affiliate completes, so there will be some time (days or weeks) between when you submit your registration and when it is validated. Athletes who have questions about the status of their entry should contact their Affiliate.

‘Affiliate’ refers to the WMA ‘Member’ National Athletics associations.

Doping Control tests may be undertaken during the championships.


It is mandatory that all athletes wear a uniform top that clearly identifies the country that they represent


All Canadian athletes must be member of their Provincial Athletics Division. You need your number to complete your registration. Go to the following link to find it.
AC# Lookup

Registration is Closed!

Registration Status

See Registration List

Team Canada Information

If your Affiliate (Member) submits the entries;

  1. Contact your WMA National Masters Member and request a paper entry form.
  2. Confirm the latest date required by your Member for submission of your paper entry. NB: Your Member MUST input your entry and payment into the on-line system by the closing date of 20 June 2019 for it to be valid.
  3. Complete the entry form and make a copy for your records.
  4. Mail the completed entry form and all entry fees to your Member prior to the entry deadline (do not send paper entry forms directly to the LOC). Paper entries sent to your Member for processing MUST include all entry fees.
  5. If you have not previously competed in a WMA Championships, you must send a copy of your birth certificate to your Member. Your Member will submit your registration, pay on your behalf and validate your registration.
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