Thank You! Please Let Us Know How We Did :)

NCC2019 has come and gone, and from all the organizers we wanted to thank all the volunteers, athletes and sponsors for making it a special time for all of us.

We hope you enjoyed the experience, but we recognize that there is always room for improvement as well. As we gear up for next summer and the WMA2020 we want to hear your stories, feedback and comments.

4 thoughts on “Thank You! Please Let Us Know How We Did :)

  1. Overall I believe the meet was a huge success. I would only recommend not holding horizontal jumping events at Varsity as we encountered major problems with only one runway.

    Hoping for a large representation from the Americas and the Caribbean at 2020 WMA Champs to showcase our most talented athletes to the world.

  2. All the Peruvians athletes had a great experience in the Championships and we thank the Toronto 2019 LOC for all the effort they put on it.
    No championship is perfect:
    York stadium: We were not allow to bring water into the track in spite of the heat.
    Varsity stadium: Warming area, many athletes need a warming area with a surface to use spikes, and block starters and hurdles.
    Athlete’s party: In many countries, is there is no dancing does not qualify as a party.

  3. It was a truly fantastic meet with excellent infrastructures. The officials were excellent and very athlete-friendly. I am already looking forward to be back next year for the World Championships.

  4. It was truly an honor. On behalf of our National Masters Team, Puerto Rico salutes you and your outstanding team. Mr Shaggy you and the team are amazing, thank you Toronto from the bottom of our hearts. Nos vemos en el 2020 Toronto

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